Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant in 24K Fused Gold



The Solar Plexus or Naval Chakra (Manipuraka Chakra) is also known as the “Jewel of the lotus” or lustrous gem.  It relates to the pure expression of one’s unique individuality in the physical world. The element of the Manipuraka Chakra is fire and its color is yellow.

This beautiful Naval or Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant is hand-crafted with consciousness by several loving hands and hearts to awaken its powerful quality. The pendant is carved in repousse by a master artist and 17th generation Buddhist priest, then it is blessed by a Nepalese holy woman known as Mata.

The pendant features a Citrine gemstone. Citrine is related to manifesting abundance and to the balanced use of will. It is one of the few stones that holds no negativity, and wearing it helps us feel protected while it does its work of releasing energy blockages in our body. In addition, citrine strengthens our feelings of centerdness, balance and self-confidence.

This Manipuraka Chakra Pendant is crafted in 24K Gold Fused with Copper and is approximately 1″ diameter. It includes an 18″ 14K gold-filled chain and is presented in a special pouch with descriptive card.