Owl Totem Amulet Pendant in Copper



Mantra: I See.

The owl spirit animal represents our deep connection with wisdom, personal insight, intuition, and good judgment. In the same way that the owl is known for its sharp vision and keen observation, we are also visionaries.

“We are all visionaries,
and what we see
is our soul in everything.”
Henri Amiel

The owl is also related to the moon and becomes a symbol of cycles of renewal, change and transition, femininity, and fertility.

This sacred animal totem amulet is hand-crafted with consciousness by several loving hands and hearts to awaken its powerful quality. The pendant is carved in repoussé by a master artist and 17th generation Buddhist priest, then it is blessed by a Nepalese holy woman known as Mata.

This sacred “Owl” Totem Pendant is crafted in Copper Repoussé and features a beautiful Moonstone Gemstone. The words “Wisdom and Insight” are written on the back of the pendant.

The Spirit Totem Owl Pendant is approximately 1″ in diameter and includes an adjustable black waxed cotton cord and is presented in a special pouch with descriptive card, perfect for gift giving!