Julia “Mandala” Weaver, BA, LMFT is an environmental arts educator, licensed psychotherapist, and an exhibiting artist. While swimming off the Kona coast in 1996, Julia had a mystical experience where she spontaneously received mandala images, which took her artwork into deeper dimensions of healing and spiritual practice.

Each of Julia’s beautiful mandala art images is available as a museum-quality archival giclee print; signed, dated, and numbered (limited editions of 100). The prints are mounted and ready for matting and framing. Some are also hand colored with silver and gold inks.

A circle represents the entire cosmos. Mandala, which means sacred circle in Sanskrit, is a potent container for creativity. Julia says, “For me, each mandala is an invitation to perceive and reveal the Light that is inherent in all life. I create mandalas through a visionary process, which combines embodied meditation, prayer, and sacred sounds. My prayers are for personal and global healing. I also draw for inspiration and celebration.”

As you gaze at a mandala, breathe slowly, and relax your eyes. See with your heart and listen for guidance. Gently open to your own luminous Divinity.