ZenWand – Archangel Michael


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The ZenWand is a sacred tool used for healing, meditation, yoga, and intention. Infused with reiki and activated with sacred geometry, it is an exquisite 14” long wand made of solid oak and handcrafted with love and conscious intention in beautiful British Columbia.

Each wand features two laser engraved mandalas at each end, and in the center, the symbol and mantra of your choice is engraved: Archangel Michael – “I call upon Archangel Michael for his courage, strength & support”

The engravings are highlighted with clear Swarovski crystals, and seven gorgeous chakra healing gemstones embellish the other side of the wand. The “Flower of Life” symbol is carved into one end of the wand and a stunning 25mm silver musical chime sphere adorns the other tip.

The ZenWand is a universal tool for attracting positive thoughts and energy into your life.

ZenWands are presented with a descriptive card and come packaged in a beautiful gift box, perfect for storing your sacred wand and for gift giving!

Read more about ZenWands here.

(Please note: The ZenWand is a carefully crafted, sacred work of art. It is not a toy. It is a professional healing tools for adults and not suitable for children under 16 years of age. The silver chime sphere is very delicate and has been hand tuned to create the beautiful musical sound, so please handle with care. The chime sphere should never be pulled or twisted and is not replaceable.)

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